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Sushi Totoro is a great place to enjoy the fushion cuisine that California is known for in the form of our innovative sushi rolls and appetizers.

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Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan and one of the most popular among Japanese, who enjoy sushi on special occasions.

And as such, it was evolved outside that country, influenced by different Western cultures, especially in USA. That is why many of the different types of sushi have denomination of localities of USA.

Special Rolls

A lot of the sushi rolls we’ve become familiar with in the United States are a Western take on Japanese Maki sushi. Even though they’re not traditional, it certainly doesn’t mean they aren’t delicious!

Gigi C.

I love the sake here. Cheap and delicious. The sushi however is more expensive but I still give this place a five star because it's yummy and it's a cute atmosphere.

Jonah V.

Amazing sushi, the atmosphere is awesome, cozy, great spot for a date. They always play good music. Anytime I think of sushi in Santa Cruz, I think of Totoro.